Now is a Presence

Zeichnungen von Lore Vanelslande


Vernissage: 29. Mai 18:00 – 20:00 Uhr

Öffnungszeiten: Montag – Freitag, 10:00 – 17:00 und nach Vereinbarung.

The “now” is a moment that will never leave you, even though its appearance is always fluctuating. When you realize that the “now” is here to stay, that acuity allows a field of balance to your moment in time. “Now is a presence.” is one work, consisting of 22 drawings, based on the same square grid. The first drawing of the series is the beginning of a progression, an interlocking elongation of a moment. They revolve around a middle point, an axes that brings about the symmetry, which exudes a non-temporal balance. To me, every adjoining drawing is an evolved continuation of the previous one, an advanced version of the previous drawing or state of being. Their appearance is changing while the grid structure underneath remains unaltered. When one drawing is realized, actually, the unseen image has already been changing into the next phase, like a self-evolving creature. In this way the drawings themselves aren’t really individuals, the trajectory is.
Lore Vanelslande, 2015.