Lore Vanelslande

Opening: December 6th, 6:30 pm / Grellingerstrasse 27 / CH-4052 Basel

Duration: December 7th 2013 - June 12th 2014

The Perfect Square has no Corners or God is a Circle are titles of large geometrical drawings exhibited in a public venue at Cool Docks, Shanghai 2011. They show the daringly direct spirituality of Vanelslande's approach towards the secret of life not found very often any more in the artistic creations of our age; in fact they are in stark contrast to the general trend.

But instead of coming across as an obscure mystic Vanelslande embeds her search and message, into a rather scientific, mathematical style of composition, which in its cool elegance defies any ideological categorization and attracts by an energetic vibration of pure, translucent form. Vibrations for Vanelslande are the most direct expressions of the reality shaping vital force.

The studied Belgian textile designer has embarked on an extraordinary career by moving from Ghent to Shanghai at the very start of her work as an artist. Contrary to expectation, one would assume, she has been met with almost instant success in a vibrant local art scene and is on the way to expand her reach on a global scale with collectors and museums alike being caught by this very new and systematic approach to an eternal subject.

Let's listen to some of Lore Vanelslandes own words:

Translating Vibrations

Normally when I talk about my work, I keep the ›V-word‹ until last. At least until I have some sense that the person I'm talking to is on the same wavelength. I'm always very careful about it because if I introduce it too soon, people think I'm going crazy, and they would nod and quickly change the subject. Normally I start out by telling about how Sacred Geometry is at the basis of my drawings. That's a safe subject. The basic layout of churches, old temples or religious sites all have this sacred geometry and patterns in their floor plans.

Those ancient buildings are spread out over our entire earth, and to me it's enormously fascinating that without our modern means of communication, they all have in essence the same geometry at their basis.

If the conversation continues, I'll introduce something about the vibrational essence of reality. I'll offer that quantum physics is interested in the smallest parts (to say it really simple) and that those small particles come very close to being energy and vibration: so close in fact that science and spirituality kind of merge.

The Flower of Life

During my research I found out that the geometrical figure now called The Flower Of Life is much more than a decorative motive used in ornaments in temples and churches all over the world. Sacred geometry, like The Flower Of Life, consists of patterns that visualize the structure of energy as good as possible. Sacred geometry is a symbol for a 4th or 5th or more-dimensional reality that ‘permeates' our world, that moves through and around us, groupes itself into clusters and thus forms matter.

The ‘grouping' of energy into matter happens by ‘Law of Attraction', it's a phrase from the Abraham-Hicks material. Law of Attraction means vibrations attract similar vibrations, and that those vibrations come together. This principle is the main law of physics in our universe. It's how matter is formed.

The combination of Sacred geometry and the ‘law of attraction'-teachings are for me very compatible. On an intuitive level I sense that one explains the other and vice versa. Geometry is a visualisation of the laws of the universe.