The Key

Cosco & NIU Bo

Feel free to join the Privat View On June 5th, 2018 as of 6pm

Opening hours: Only by appointment

Cosco [Louis De Cordier] pursues a vision of Art that combines an appreciation for the value of spontaneity with a meticulously planned process. Blending rigor of proportio and freedom in this way, allows him to create ‘timescapes’ that retain the compositional aspect of sacred geometry and pure monochrome abstraction.
His paintings are created out of an enjoyment of ‘being-time’, in the everydayness of “here and now”. Cosco experiences time not as an absolute ‘thing’. He sees no distinction between past, present, and future, or between “before” and “after”.

For him, the act of painting is a moving meditation, generating expressive works with a particularly natural, pure, cosmological and living quality; and in doing so transmitting his very life force and awareness to the white paint in an intense concentration, which abandons all true to life perspective, figuration or symbolism, but is working with a refined spatial poetry, which makes one reflect on the eternal nature of reality.

Niu Bo has left the ordinary career artist track at a similar age as Cosco and literally disappeared from the public eye for twenty years. He engaged in the most rigorous geo-spiritual travels imaginable after he took to Zen-Buddhism in Japan in his early thirties. Among others he spent four years in the Tibetan highlands of the deceased confronting death as close as possible. He walked down to Zhongnanshan in Western China where he recurrently spent several years at the place of Zen’s origin in China.

It was at Zhongnanshan that he developed his own technique of calligraphic abstract painting, mixing ink and silver or gold coated with a lacquer-type glue.

When he returned to the more mundane worlds of China and Japan in 2015 he brought with him an oeuvre of about 100 works, each of them being a representation of meditative insight and the stage of consciousness.


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