Fujiwara Yu



Born in Bizen City, Okayama Prefecture, as a son of Kei Fujiwara, a human national treasure.


Graduated from School of Japanese Literature, Meiji University, Tokyo.


His works were accepted for the first time by the Japanese Traditional Arts and Crafts Exhibition and Contemporary Japanese Ceramic Art Exhibition. His Bizen ware were selected by both of these Exhibitions in the successive years.


Received an Issui-kai Group prize and enrolled on the membership list of Issui-kai Group.
Gave his first personal exhibitions at the Temmaya Gallery, Okayama, and at Mitsukoshi, Tokyo.


Acknowledged as a regular member of the Japan Industrial Art Institution.


Held his second one-man art exhibition in Tokyo and Okayama. Invited to exhibit his works at the Representative Contemporary Potters Exhibition held in Nagoya and the Contemporary Pottery Art Exhibition given under the sponsorship of National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo.


Invited to exhibit his work at the International Pottery Art Exhibition in Spain and won a Grand Prix.


Received invitations from universities in the United Stares of America, Canada, Mexico and Spain and delivered lectures on Bizen wares at respective universities from January through September. Gave his first personal exhibitions outside of Japan in the United States of America and Canada respectively.
Attended the First International Industrial Artists Conference held at Columbia University, New York, as a member of the Japanese delegation.
Invited to exhibit his work at the International Pottery Exhibition held this year in Tokyo.


Gave his third personal exhibitions in Tokyo, Okayama, and other major cities in Japan.
Invited to Dartmouth University in the United States as a visiting lecturer on Japanese pottery and stayed there from April through June. Later in the year he held personal exhibitions in Hannover, West Germany, and New York.


Gave his fourth one-man exhibition at Mitsukoshi, Tokyo and invited to hold a personal exhibition as part of the program of Selected Potters Exhibition sponsored by Gotoh Museum in Tokyo.
Appointed a lecturer for „Summer Seminar“ at San Francisco State University.


Left his father‘s studio and built his own original kiln at Nishinada, Bizen City, Okayama.
Gave a show of his first works out of this new kiln at the Temmaya Gallery, Okayama.
Received a Japan Ceramic Ware Association award as the best potter for the year of 1966 and invited to exhibit at the International Art Fair Exhibition in the United States of America.


Invited to exhibit at the Pottery Art by New Generation Exhibition held under the sponsorship of Kyoto National Museum of Modern Art.
Received invitations to the Third Pottery Art Fair in Mexico and the International Pottery Exhibition held at Trino, Italy.
Gave his fifth one-man display show at Mitsukoshi, Tokyo.


Kei Fujiwara, his father, had the honour to produce a Tsubo (jar) to be placed at the main entrance of the new imperial palace, Tokyo, at the request of the Imperial Household Agency and the kiln of Yu Fujiwara was specially designated as that for firing the jar. The jar was completed and delivered to the Agency on March 15.
Held his fifth one-man exhibition in June at the Temmaya Gallery, Okayama.


Gave his sixth personal show at Mitsukoshi, Tokyo.


Invited to exhibit Ohtsubo a (large jar) at the First Japan Pottery Art Exhibition held in June under the sponsorship of Mainichi Shimbun Sha (Mainichi Newspaper Company). His work was included in the Overseas Circuit Round of said Exhibition.


Opened the Hundred Tsubo Exhibition in April at the Temmaya Gallery, Okayama.
Invited to exhibit Ohtsubo, at the Firenze International Pottery Art Exhibition held in May in Italy. In the meantime he was invited also.


Won a Kaneshige Toyo Pottery award. Opened the Utsuwa (Vessel or Receptacle) Exhibition at the Tokyo Green Gallery. Invited by the Australian Government and gave lectures on Bizen wares at the universities and colleges for two months.


Donated a Bizen tea bowl as an offering to the National Guest House.
Opened in November the Hundred Tsubo (Jars) Exhibition at Takashimaya, Tokyo, in commemoration of the twentieth anniversary of his pottery art career.


Held in November the Tokkuri (Sake decanter) Exhibition at the Temmaya Gallery, Okayama.
Visited France several times for the preparation of the Joint Ko-Bizen Exhibition by Father Kei Fujiwara and Son Yu Fujiwara as planned by the Government of France.
Received a Merit of Cultural Promotion from the Government of Okayama Prefecture.


Appointed an exhibition juror for the Okayama Prefecture Art Exhibition Committee and the Chugoku District Committee of Traditional Industrial Arts and Crafts Exhibition.
Visited Europe four times for the Joint Ko-Bizen Exhibition by Father Kei Fujiwara and Son Yu Fujiwara held under the co-sponsorship of the Governments of France, Swiss and Belgium.


Opened the Home Coming Exhibition at Takashimaya, Tokyo, and at the Temmaya Gallery, Okayama, after the success of the Joint Ko-Bizen Exhibition in Europe. Held the Seventy Tsubo Exhibition in May at Takashimaya, Osaka.
Held the Hana-ire (Vase) Exhibition in June at the Temmaya Gallery, Hiroshima and the Hundred Tokkuri Exhibition in November at Takashimaya, Tokyo.
Appointed Deputy Managing Director of the Foundation of Kei Fujiwara Memorial Museum.


In those intervening years, Yu made tens of trips abroad and his works have been purchased by many museums. He has also tutored a total of 35 foreign potters in his atelier.